What an incredible thing it is that in this big, giant world, you found someone who makes your heart skip a beat, laugh uncontrollably, and wants to spend every minute of the rest of their life with you.  Love is such an amazing thing and there is nothing that I'd rather do than capture your love story.  

I leave weddings feeling inspired in so many ways.  Creatively, spiritually, and emotionally...every part of me literally beaming with joy and excitement after witnessing a couple proclaim their love and devotion to each other for the whole world to see.  What an honor that they chose me to be there for such a special moment.  

I suppose I should tell you a little more about my actual self...I weep like a little baby during parent dances, I always choose the slice of cake with the most frosting, I sing along to almost every song during receptions, and I get to do my favorite thing nearly every weekend!  When I'm not working...I spend my time with my husband John and 3 children (twin daughters Amalee and Camille and son Elston).  I'm a big fan of family movie nights and spur of the moment dance parties.  I love camping, being out in nature, and think they should bottle up the smell of a campfire.  I believe in transparency, community over competition, and a good cup of coffee. I enjoy long walks through Target, shrimp tacos, a good workout, and the smell of spring!

On the technical side, I graduated with a bachelors degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from the University of St. Francis.  Those were some really fun years! 

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear all about your big day! Use the contact form below to give me a shout!

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