Doug + Christina - Fort Wayne, Indiana Wedding Photography

Talk about rolling with the punches...can you imagine breaking your leg just a couple weeks before your wedding?? Well, it happened but let me tell you, Christina didn't let it interfere with her big day in the slightest! In fact, she just made it part of the wedding day and decorated her cast with lace, silk, ribbons, and pearls...making the best of a very inconvenient situation.

This was one of my biggest wedding parties in a while and just as Doug had mentioned in our initial consult, they did not disappoint! They were so much fun and crazy supportive and helpful when Christina needed it when they carried her all the way through Headwaters Park to the car!

While I do not push or force couples to do a first look...I will always tell you how awesome they are and Doug's reaction when he turned and saw his bride for the first time was PRICELESS! I know not everyone is the same, and I think Doug would have reacted the same if he first saw her at the ceremony or not, but some guys just have an easier time letting emotions take over when they are alone and having a private moment with their bride...which is one of my biggest reasons for recommending first looks on a wedding day! Well, that and you get so many more photos since you get a lot more picture time!

So Christina has 3, GORGEOUS, daughters who all played important rolls in her wedding day. I noticed while everyone was getting ready in the morning that her youngest daughter was hidden in the corner writing on tiny pieces of paper...I peeked over her shoulder and saw what I assumed was a little note to her mom on her wedding day. However, what she was actually doing was writing a speech that she wanted to give at the reception in front of all the guests. I was so impressed with brave she was to stand in front of everyone and tell her mom how much she loved her, how much she meant to her, how happy for her she was, and how much Doug meant to her. There probably was not a dry eye in the room.

I'm so happy for Doug and Christina, it was so clear how in love they were and how happy they make each other. Congratulations!!!

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