Cody + Sarah - Fort Wayne, Indiana Wedding Photographer

While my job comes with lots awesome aspects, there are hard parts.  Really hard parts.  Like the fact that you can't call in.  Ever.  I've shot weddings 34 weeks pregnant with twins (I had them just 2 weeks later), I've shot them with horrible colds, with stomach bugs that left me running to the bathroom every hour....and of course this year, Pneumonia.  Looking back it's kind of funny because some of my favorite weddings that I've shot have been on days when I feel like total crap!  It is so important to me to show up, be present, and serve my couples with the very best, if that means I need to suck it up and get it done then so be it!  So I want to say thank you to those couples, while you're a small handful, who had sick Morgan at their wedding and didn't blink twice when I needed a second for a drink of water, a quick break to rest my feet, or in Sarah and Cody's case....when I lost my voice or couldn't stop coughing!  I appreciate you so much!

When I met Sarah I knew we would get along great.  She is so friendly, outgoing, and simply easy to be around.  And while I never did get to meet Cody prior to the wedding, I had a feeling he was going to be the exact same way.  Wedding days are long and I get to spend the entire day with my couples, their closest friends, and family.  Sarah's family was so warm and welcoming.  It was obvious throughout the day that Sarah is their princess and the light of their lives.  Her bridesmaids where there for every second and happy to lend a tissue at all times because it was an awfully emotional day, many tears were shed, and all I kept thinking was "Wow, there is just so much love in this room!"  That's what its all about.  That's what everything is about.  Love!

Congratulations Cody and Sarah!  I just know you are going to have the happiest life together and I can not wait to watch it all unfold!

Venue: The Landmark - Florals: Rose's Bouquets - DJ: Quattro Systems

Much Love,